tirsdag 1. januar 2013


I do not know what to do,
I do not know where to go
The road ahead is so cumbersome,
and so difficult to spot

The sun is hidden behind clouds

And it has perhaps never shone for me
And I do not know who I can rely on
when the storms set in

I helm alone in a small, cracked  boat 

over a scary stormy seas
I do not know what I'll find
Now when I start to look at my past

My will to live is a fire

fighting hard to remain strong
And quite often
the flames are weak and almost burned out

I've fought so long now

and is so tired of fighting
I need someone to lean on
to get the energy that I need to move on

So what should I do?

Who do I believe?
Can I dare to accept the support offered me
Dare to accept the hands that will me good??

fredag 28. desember 2012

♥ ♥ ♥

Du er en engel..
Med et smil som kan smelte is.
Og når smilet ditt når øynene,
rører det ved sjelen min..
Men altfor mange ganger
smiler du bare med munnen
Og øynene dine har en tristhet over seg
Jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne ta 
alt det vonde fra deg, 
At jeg kunne bære smerten for deg
Jeg skulle med glede ha gjort det,
Fordi jeg er glad i deg. 
Og for slike venner som deg kunne jeg gitt alt.
Men jeg kan ikke bære smerten din
Jeg kan bare være her
Og rekke ut en hånd som du kan holde i.. 
Hvis du vil….
Jeg skal være her de vonde dagene
Og vente på de gode sammen med deg
For de skal komme
De må komme.
Og når du ikke lenger våger håpe på det
Skal jeg håpe for deg
Og når du ikke lenger tør tro at ting vil bli bedre
Da skal jeg tro for deg
Gla i dæ 
♥ ♥ ♥

An angel with a broken wing

She’s an angel with a broken wing
Her world is falling apart..
She sits alone with a teardrop on her cheek,
hunted by old memories.
She needs her time to cry..
‘Cause her spirit is broken down
And it’s a lonely kind of process,
dealing with the evil ghosts from her past
who is poisoning her nights
She hates herself , cannot live with the burden..
But she takes on her mask, show it to the rest of the world
so insincere…
And all her pain and sorrows
Are a burden on her chest
And even if he are long gone dead,
She will never get to rest.
She sinks to the bottom
in oceans of rain
The cure is so clean,
the blood is astray
So go slow,
for the angel will fall
suspended in a druglike state of bliss
As false as everything else in her life
She is an angel with an broken wing
An angel of the darkness
Kept away from the light
an angel from the night
An angel with tears in her face
facing her biggest fears
An perfect born angel
fallen from grace
And if there is a God somewhere, looking down on this crazy world
He has probably by now stopped really caring
So his once so perfect born angel
Are struggling on her own
And no matter how much she tries
She is always gonna lose those battles
But angels always knows how to fly
and even with a broken wing
She still sing
and keep an eye to the sky

Litja på fæm

Ka ska æ gjør med en onge som e fæm
Som rope og så gjærn vil ha lov te å titte fræm?
Aill må vel lur på ka det e som har skjedd
Når den litje ongen e så usigelig reidd
Ikke myttjy æ kain gjør, håpe hu sætt døra mi på klæm
Slik at æ får med mæ det som kjæm
En kanin med lange øra kain vær god å ha
Pekefingern i moinn, du veit kæm som e hær da
Ikke my å gjørra når dein lille på fæm
Skrik og vil ta over og titte fræm

I’m wasted and I am waiting
I’m lost and in need
But my misery is the company that I keep
As a thirst that can never be extinguished
And if there is a God who looks down on this mad world
He’s probably long since stopped caring
And the evil stares down at me
terrorizing me
haunt my dreams
It’s a long time since I’ve been free
I can not remember
that I have ever lived
Carefree, safe and without pain
Can we neutralize things
causing pain and indifference
When the world is nevertheless suffering
At least my world
But all my years of experience they just went away
But I still carry that experience with me
An experience I could have done without
That made me shy, insecure and wary
Because I can never see it coming
I need someone who can hold the children in me
that let me rest my head, stroking my hair
and over the back
I’m an angel with broken wings
An angel who belong to the night
An angel who was sacrificed
and kept away from light
But all angels know how to fly
and even with broken wings
I still sing and yearn to the sky
So in a world full of sorrow where people pray, steal and borrow
Is it just some things you can not take from me
The hope for a better future
For I know I’m not weak, I know I’m tough
In my heart burns a fire
For even have to know the life
as it should be
I yearn for peace of mind
And one day I will get there
and the circle is closed
The circle is round
I will follow the star
No matter how close
no matter how far


Sometimes in the middle of the night
You are trampling through my dreams …
The nightmares ride me, scares me,
Makes me to want to scream
It will be me howling in the wind
Every time I come across old traces and memories after you
It will be me, that time after time
must feel the pain of what once was.
Tell me, why was my life like this?
Tell me, why did you hurt me so?
Why was I so completely without value for you?
Tell me, how long is it since I was free??
Have I ever been free??
You were my nightmare when you were alive
And the nightmares are just as major now
after your death, and into my adult life ..
I was just a little child
But you used me as your toy
And my whole life was destroyed,
I was torn apart and divided
Just a small child
Used as a pawn in a game
A game with adult rules
Where  the child does as the adult want’s
Yes, that would be me howling in the night
Every time you step through my memories again
It will be me who screams of pain
Every time your tracks are detected in me
That would be me
That never gets rid of the memories after you
That would be me
That is never going to be free



Sometimes in the middle of the night you come after me in my dreams
Then I lay awake until the morning light, tired of remembering ..
The river of tears, the river of sorrows, I’ll give that river my soul too keep,
if I could only, finally sleep awhile …
That’ll be me howling in the wind, every time I go on old tracks again,
And if you see somebody running on the mountain side, all along the places that I used too hide, that’ll be me ..
I think I was born like a Gypsy under an old celestial sign
The fate of everything was set for me from the day I came into the world ..
And that’s why I was born with strength, conceived as a real fighter ..
I had to fight to survive, struggle to grow
I wish that it had not been necessary ….
And now you invade my dreams, and I will remain awake ..
How long are you going to hunt me??
Tell me how long has it been since I’ve been free??
That’ll be me howling in the night,
going through the memories that are hunting my mind ..
And if you hear somebody singing children’s songs that I used to sing all night long,
That will be me .. That will be me, trying to get a moment of peace.